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July 2024
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Sometimes the simple things are the most extraordinary. Like watching a girl next door teen named Stephanie from Total Super Cuties rolling around and frolicking on her bed in cotton shorts and a tube top.

This gallery takes me back to a girl that used to live a few doors down from my family. She had such a cute little booty and her shorts let just a little bit of butt peek out. She loved to wear tube tops and I loved to watch her doing it. One day she flashed me her boobs and I stroked off about those tits three times a day for weeks!

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When Stephanie was in high school she was a shy girl. She hated her freckles and she didn’t like how boys made her feel when they talked about her big tits. Now that she has grown up a bit and spent some time in college Steph has a different outlook on life.

Now she doesn’t have time to be shy. She loves to walk around the mall wearing hotpants so tight they show off all of her curves. Now when the boys whistle she takes it in stride.

Total Super Cuties updates weekly and has dozens of models like Stephanie. If you are tired of plastic looking Barbie dolls sluts this site has something for you at every turn.

Cutie Steph hot red thong!

December 7th, 2009

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Stephanie from Total Super Cuties has one hell of an ass. The guy that created seems to have a thing for shooting pictures of girl next door types with a curvy booty while wearing sexy cotton panties. If you like crotch shots and camel toe he has them by the dozen.