Gorgeous Nude Teen Dasha

September 27th, 2011

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Dasha from Glossy Angels has some of the sexiest little titties I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. Members get some very revealing shots of her little pussy slit. You won’t believe how nubile it looks.

I was lucky enough to receive my first lip gloss blowjob back in high school from a girl with small tits like Dasha has. Her pouty lips felt amazing as her warm tongue flicked around the head of my cock. I shot her mouth so full of cum she gagged repeatedly.

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Sometimes the simple things are the most extraordinary. Like watching a girl next door teen named Stephanie from Total Super Cuties rolling around and frolicking on her bed in cotton shorts and a tube top.

This gallery takes me back to a girl that used to live a few doors down from my family. She had such a cute little booty and her shorts let just a little bit of butt peek out. She loved to wear tube tops and I loved to watch her doing it. One day she flashed me her boobs and I stroked off about those tits three times a day for weeks!